Center for Prenatal & Perinatal Music, Giselle Whitwell, Doula

Center for Prenatal & Perinatal Music, Giselle Whitwell

Giselle E. Whitwell, Music Therapist, created the Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Music in order to empower and support women in their intrinsic ability to give birth naturally. The sessions, experiential in nature, are designed to bring into harmony body, heart, mind, soul and spirit through music and other artistic endeavors. The aim is a natural and conscious birth experience for mother and child. Investing time and energy in exploring this life changing and creative process will make a difference in the outcome. Our approach is individualized and designed to meet the needs of mothers and couples so that they can approach this important passage of life with confidence and harmony.

Our mission is to help women bring into the world babies that are nurtured with love from the moment of conception and to experience birth as a celebration of life.


Center For Prenatal and Perinatal Music

Mothering You and Your Unborn Baby
Through Joyful Sounds, Painting, and other Arts.

For Further Information Contact:

Giselle E. Whitwell, RMT, Healing Therapist through the Voice

She lives and practices in Austin, Texas.

Cell Phone: (512) 233-9238 || Fax: (512) 382-0729


Conscious Parenting in the 21st Century 
through music, drawing and other artistic endeavors.

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