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I recommend the following websites:

[Note: Links will open a new browser window. To return to my site, just close the new window.] - Website for the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). You will find important and most up to date information on the prenatal and perinatal stages of life as well as announcements of their biennial conferences which are very stimulating. I am column editor for prenatal and perinatal music. You can access one of my articles, in addition to other authors (The Importance of Prenatal Sound and Music) by clicking on “Life Before Birth.” - A website in Spanish of a prenatal and perinatal music program directed by a colleague in Buenos Aires, Argentina. - A German speaking site of colleagues in Germany engaged in prenatal education and early parenting.

The National Association For Prenatal Psychology and Education - This Italian organization includes interesting articles in their site.

Birth Works - They offer a holistic program for childbirth and doula certification. - IDEAL Prenatal Program in Canada, contact Francois Amigues.