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"Woman is the artist of the imagination and the child in the
womb is the cavas whereon she painteth her pictures"

Paracelsus (1493-1541)

     The sessions are experiential in nature and designed to be developmentally sound for you and your baby. Each meeting lasts between one and one-and-a half hours per week. Part of the curriculum includes the following:

~ Active relaxation
~ Bonding and communicating with your baby
~ Appropriate stimulation for your baby
~ Guided imagery and visualization for birth and well being
~ Composing a "womb song"
~ Singing and toning
~ Therapeutic Healing with the Voice exercises, preparing for labor and delivery
~ Improvisation on musical instruments
~ Creating your personal C.D's for birth
~ Mandala drawing and water color painting
Image - Mandala Drawing
Couple Mandala Drawing

     Self-expression and creativity are manifestations of our true humanity and as such will be revealed through the sessions, paralleling the creation unfolding in the woman’s body. Re-awakening and stimulating the imagination is an important and ongoing part of this work.

     Each session will include live music that is improvised by the parents and the music therapist. You need not have had previous musical training or to be a musician to participate and enjoy this experience.