Sacred Dances from Bulgaria

Paneurhythmy was created in Bulgaria, a land famous for its beautiful mountains and rich tradition of dance.  Paneurhythmy has been introduced to the USA in the early 1990’s and has been practiced faithfully ever since from the East to the West Coast.

Paneurhythmy is music and dance that creates a movement mandala of great serenity and power, it is a spiritual practice and prayer appropriate for all ages.  The composer, Peter Deunov (Beinsa Duono), was an extraordinary spiritual teacher of the early 20th century who died just as communism was about to make his life’s work dangerous.  The origin of the dance is shrouded in mystery and legend, but according to one story, Peter Deunov was inspired by the dance he saw from Beings of Light when he ascended Mt. Moussala, the highest mountain of the Rila range in the southern area of the country.

 Over a period of several years (c. 1920), he gave the music and movements to his students and disciples for their spiritual development and well-being.  After his death (1944), disciples protected and kept the tradition alive in secret as communism forbade its practice.  However, since the end of communism in Bulgaria, several thousand people gather every summer from all over the world, high up in the Rila Mountains, to dance together in alpine meadows, carefully cleared of rocks so dancers can feel the sweet earth beneath their bare feet.  The dancer aspires to balance heaven and earth, exchanging with noetic beings, communing with nature and harmonizing with fellow human beings.  


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