Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Music, Giselle Whitwell, Doula   Image - Purpose Header Graphic
"Music brings an expansion into the soul, power and might
into the spirit, tenderness and warmth into the heart and
freedom into the mind." 

Peter Deunov

     The Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Music was created in order to assist mothers, teenagers and couples in realizing their journey through pregnancy and birth in a holistic and supportive environment, as well as offering educational resources. Educational here refers to enabling the human being to form and develop rather than teaching a formal and structured methodology to either the parents or the baby. The program is based on the Arts: music, poetry, modeling, appropriate movement and color. I offer support during this vulnerable and exciting time by bringing guidance towards conscious parenting and assisting the participant to become aware of their own process.  We bring sensitivity about fetal life and how to deepend the life of the parents, particularly the mother and through her, the baby. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, allow the development of joy and beauty for a positive pregnancy and conscious birth experience. Our mission is to help women bring babies into the world that are nurtured with love and conscious awareness from the very beginning of life throughout the unfolding experience of pregnancy and birth. We support the changing needs during each trimester and give assistance during labor and delivery. We believe that when women are allowed to experience pregnancy and birth as a natural process they discover a new dimension of their being and they acquire a deeper knowledge as well as new confidence in their own abilities as mothers and women. Fathers are also given support.  In their particular journeys growing into fatherhood, they too need to be supported. Birth is a sacred event. Each couple creates their own vision for the miracle of birth. We fully celebrate and empower them in this life changing process.

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